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Headquartered in Mumbai, Prittle Prattle Finserv is a full service investor relations, financial relations and capital markets advisory firm having a strong network with professionals in the investment community, including private equity, venture capital, buy and sell side, wealth management, listing exchanges and investment banking.
We offer financial advisory services to small, micro and mid-cap companies. Our expertise cover a broad range of industries and geographies.
Prittle Prattle Finserv bring together deep expertise in the capital market gained from years of experience in investor relations, strategic messaging and investment advice.

We specialize in micro, mid-cap and large-cap companies across a wide range of sectors, including aerospace, defense, automotive, railways, power generation, packaging materials, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, infrastructure, mining, distribution automation, and food & beverage.
Prittle Prattle Finserv offers a gateway between our clients and the investment community to build upon comprehensive services beyond traditional investor relations that includes strategic financial advisory, sstrategic positioning & massaging , investor identification & meetings, shareholder activism, IPO Programs–pre-IPO and development of best-in-class IR programs, quarterly earnings results, perception audits, transaction communications, competitive business intelligence, IPO positioning, and transaction communications.



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Our Vision is:
You concentrate on executing your business, and we concentrate on funding your needs


MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS: Strategic communication support for both bidders and targets in friendly mergers & acquisitions, unsolicited acquisition proposals, and tender offers. Prittle Prattle Finserv has expertise not just in the way in which the deal process works, but also in the way a transaction is likely to be received by the media, investor community and the capital market.

INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERINGS: We have the proven expertise to guide our clients on end-to-end IPO and fund raising process. We work with various financial advisors—from the pre-IPO stage to building awareness for market offers, and execute seamless messaging and communication strategy.

EQUITY/DEBT RAISING: Prittle Prattle Finserv offer communication strategies to pragmatically position brands looking for equity and debt raisings. Our clear and compelling credit investment module to stakeholders, credit analysts, ratings agencies and specialist debt media help our clients to increase market understanding and support, resulting in improved access to capital and a lower cost of funding.

FINANCIAL MEDIA RELATIONS: Effective management of media is a n integral part of any corporate activity, and one that can directly influence the eventual result. Leveraging our deep financial media relationships and understanding enables us to advise our clients on the most effective ways to communicate during transactions and corporate finance events.

INVESTOR RELATIONS: Investor and sell-side communication underpins much of the communication advice which we provide to our clients. Prittle Prattle Finserv has the experience to develop and deliver comprehensive investor relations plans aligned with strategic objectives of the client that includes various statutory and financial events.

ANALYST COMMUNICATION: Our clients can leverage the experience of Prittle Prattle Finserv to develop campaigns to effectively communicate key messages to support a significant milestone or activity to the capital markets.

PERCEPTION AUDITS: Investor audits, perception studies and benchmarking are often the mainstay of our investor relations programs. Prittle Prattle Finserv undertakes such brand perception activities with buy and sell-side analysts.

AGMS, EGMS: Prittle Prattle Finserv has extensive experience in managing Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs), and other corporate events. Our services include drafting of announcements, development of presentation materials, speech-writing and pre-event training.

EARNING RESULTS: During the busy period of quarterly and annual financial results, Prittle Prattle Finserv provide our clients with the full spectrum of communication support services. It includes drafting of announcements and presentation materials targeted towards institutional and retail shareholders, analysts and financial media.

FINANCIAL MEDIA RELATIONS: Financial media is one of the most powerful platforms to communicate with current and potential investors, regulators and stakeholders. Prittle Prattle Finserv has long-standing media relationships and deep understanding of how the financial media operates, which enables us to achieve our clients’ objectives. We use this knowledge to encourage greater understanding, build relationships and increase recognition of our clinet’s investment proposition.

CORPORATE BRAND PROFILING: Creative corporate communication campaigns and thoughtful message development play a critical role in positioning any brand. Prittle Prattle Finserv draws on its experience to develop and deliver comprehensive marketing-communication strategies to achieve a specific outcome for its clients.

ISSUE MANAGEMENT: In the changing global business milieu, brands are confronted with difficult communication issues. Whether dealing with increased scrutiny from regulators, hostile or complex litigation, or facing the need to rebuild a damaged or misaligned reputation, effective communication plays a critical role in protecting corporate value and defending a company’s license to pursue its business objectives.

CRISIS COMMUNICATION: Prittle Prattle Finserv is associated with companies to identify potential risks, and develop protocol to manage and minimize the negative impact on businesses. In the event of a crisis, we provide a discrete and reliable pair of hands during vulnerable times.

MEDIA TRAINING: Managing an interview with the media effectively, be it in a hostile or an agreeable environment requires tailored training to address issues and subjects specific to your business. Prittle Prattle Finserv has coached several business executives on the intricacies of delivering a strong media performance and compelling key messages.

MEDIA RELATIONS: Prittle Prattle Finserv draws on our team’s deep understanding of how the media works to develop module that meet our client objectives. Prittle Prattle Finserv has the expertise to support its clients with a slew of media events, including interview facilitation, relationship building meetings with key journalists and distribution of company’s announcement to key media entities.

  • Develop key messages for analysts and investors
  • Develop collateral materials with integrating key messages
  • Rope in venture capitalists and institutional investors
  • Target buy-side analysts
  • Methodical interfaces with brokers and institutional investors



  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Equity/Debt Raisings
  • Corporate Restructures
  • Build relationships with retail investment advisors
  • Provide continuous feedback regarding market activity and perceptions
  • Build and maintain our extensive database of financial professionals


  • Transaction Advisory
  • Corporate Finance
  • Private Placements
  • Greenfield and Brownfield Projects
  • Analyst Communication
  • Investor Perception Audits
  • AGMs, EGMs
  • Quarterly & Annual Financial Results


  • Wealth Advisory Services
  • Corporate Brand Profiling
  • Issues Management
  • Crisis Communication + Preparedness
  • Media Message Training
  • Presentation Training
  • Financial Media Communications

Prittle Prattle Finserv is a brand of Prittle Prattle Private Limited which is incorporated under [Pursuant to sub-section (2) of section 7 and sub-section (1) of section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013) and rule 18 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014]. We as a company has realized the importance of Finance in this crucial time.

We make sure to come up with solutions for the entrepreneurs with requirements of huge funds. We have tieups with numerous:

  1. National and Private Banks
  2. Venture Capitalists
  3. Investment Bankers
  4. Private Investors
  5. Equity Fund Raisers
  6. Financial Institutes and
  7. NBFC’s.

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Prittle Prattle understands that your success isn’t just about placing stories

Prittle Prattle Private limited company offers PR Activities like Press Release, Press conference, Media Interactions, get decent coverage in mainline and regional Newspapers, Magazines, TV channels, and Online Portal. We also offer Social media marketing and create an advertisement campaign.

We can place your advertisements in Over-the-top (OTT) Media Platforms like Sony Live, Voot, Zee-5, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, etc., The radio campaign, Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Advertisement on all the TV channels.