To overcome this pandemic time, Team Prittle Prattle runs a movement where we would be referring clients to all our contacts according to their requirements

To overcome this pandemic time, Team Prittle Prattle runs a movement where we would be referring clients to all our contact according to their requirements and expect them to do the same. It will not only help us build a community but also aid us to withstand any adversest conditions. 



We all entrepreneurs and all our team members should activate this community together! 


Help each other find two potential clients!


We won’t charge you to be a part of this community, nor a referral fee!


We would only ensure a promising strategy towards companies’ upliftment in prevailing the disaster circumstances.


Join Us! Start referring! And be ready to receive referrals!

    Share in detail about your services and about the two clients you want us to refer you? Specific Industry? Specific Designation? Specific Income Group? Specific Companies?

    Prittle Prattle Private Limited Offers PR, Advertising, Social Media, Website Designing, Events, Branding & Publicity Solutions.

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        You can also share an exclusive article about your journey or any topic of your choice and send it to news@prittleprattle.in 

        Team Prittle Prattle News would feature your article on www.prittleprattlenews.com

        You can also share more entrepreneurs whom you think are newsworthy but are not getting the attention!

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            Prittle Prattle understands that your success isn’t just about placing stories

            Prittle Prattle Private limited company offers PR Activities like Press Release, Press conference, Media Interactions, get decent coverage in mainline and regional Newspapers, Magazines, TV channels, and Online Portal. We also offer Social media marketing and create an advertisement campaign.

            We can place your advertisements in Over-the-top (OTT) Media Platforms like Sony Live, Voot, Zee-5, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, etc., The radio campaign, Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Advertisement on all the TV channels.