Bar Consultancy

15+ years handling the Bar, our Consultant make sure you gain your bar is constructed in efficient and a creative way. Consultancy of Creating a range of Cocktails, spirits and liqueurs is what we offer. Walktails Consultancy Service covers a wide range of techniques to felicitate you; from early planning stages to service and also gives you Proper Guidance in the wide range of Platforms of Starting up your own Bar or Staff Training.

We are Ingredient Transformers, Curious flavor Creators, Bizarre texture Innovators & Flairs Experts. Our Clients call us The ultimate bar consultant! We also are into Training Individuals to gain career in the field of Bar Management.

For more details please to get in touch with Bar Expert - Mr. Sachin - +91 9619555034/ 9082234797

Our Clients

At Prittle Prattle, we become an addition of our clients’ marketing team. As a truly committed public relations agency, our team is passionate in relation to understand your business goals and how we can bring them to final result through an integrated and focused approach.